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Types Of Ring Setting

Prong Setting

A single diamond set plain mounting, traditional usually with four or six prongs. A setting which allows light to strike on diamond from different angles.

Channel Setting

A channel setting will set of stones right next to each other with no metal separating them. A channel setting uses the thicker metal to secure the diamonds.

Bar Setting

A ring of diamond where each stone is held by thin bar shared between two stones. Support on both sides with bars which is perpendicular to the band.

Bezel Setting

Bezel setting is a set of metal frame which holding each diamonds securely in place. A bezel ring setting is when the diamond is properly encircled.

Gypsy Setting

In Gypsy setting stones will inserted in the middle with no prongs and bars. In gypsy setting diamonds will studded all over the metal band.

Tension Setting

In Tension setting diamond is placed in middle with pressure of band’s metal, which is designed to squeeze the diamond. The gemstone appears to be suspended in the air with nothing holding it in place.

Illusion Setting

This setting is more twisted than others. An illusion setting is smaller stones set next to each other and held from below to give the illusion of a larger diamond.